Reasons for slow internet

First, the type of Internet connection, where the type of Internet connection is the most important factor in determining the speed of communication with the user, and the most common ways to connect to the Internet at home are the telephone and dial-up digital subscriber line, the Internet, The connection is usually the slowest and the fiber optic connection (FiOS) that connects to the Internet using light over the fiber network can be used. This service offers higher speeds than traditional copper wires in connection Cable and digital subscriber line.

 If you use the telephone, you can improve the speed of the Internet by using a fast modem that can send and receive information at a high rate, or make sure to use a phone line in good condition, because if the telephone network is old, it may pick up random signals from other phone lines, This causes the Internet connection to slow, because the modem will have to send the same information over and over until it is transferred without interruption.

The use of an old router can make the Internet slow because of the use of an old router, because it can not possibly benefit from the new router standards, such as the fifth generation 802.11ac standard, which can handle higher connection speeds, Check the router's specifications and upgrade it if it is out of date by visiting the device's purchase guide for assistance.

Because of problems with the Wi-Fi network, internet connection may be fine, but Wi-Fi connection with Internet has signal problems, where weak Wi-Fi seems to be a problem with the Internet. Because it affects all the devices in the home, and the network can suffer from signal problems because of the coupling of the transmission waves in many neighboring devices, especially if it uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz, which can support many of the neighboring devices, and spread this problem in urban areas The most dense with a range of waveforms Wireless.