Benefits of boiled onions

Hard boiled onions contain a high concentration of phenols and flavonoids, which are one of the strongest antioxidants, making it resistant to serious diseases such as killer cancer, by eliminating the free radicals that cause the proliferation of cancer cells. Contains a high sulfur content, which is the basis for maintaining cardiovascular health, acts as an anticoagulant, reduces the triglyceride rate in it, and helps to significantly reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, improves the strength of red blood cells , Making it a preventative factor of fatal heart attacks and heart attacks.

In addition, it maintains an appropriate level of blood pressure, because it contains anti-oxidant quercetin, which prevents the oxidation of fatty acids in the body, and is a natural antibiotic for infections and allergies in various forms, which helps to prevent viral infection, and treats inflammation of the throat, , And is an appropriate treatment for common colds where it stimulates the elimination of phlegm and mucus.

It is also widely used in the elimination of the problem of excess weight, where the stomach cleans the toxins and accumulated waste, and improves digestion, and provides the body energy and activity. It is used in the treatment of hair problems, which increases the brightness and helps strengthen the roots and bulbs, which stimulates the growth, and prevent the problem of fall and break, by massage the scalp with onion juice at least twice a month.