Benefits of Eyelid Eyelid Eye

One of the most important benefits of the solution is that it helps to strengthen the eyesight, and helps improve it, as it helps to eliminate kohl problem of weakness of vision. Treatment of eye infections, severe eye allergies, and ulcers of the eyes due to external contaminants. It has been proven through a sample test that it can kill the germs that infect the eyes, so that it contains the antimony compounds, which in turn helps to eliminate the parasites, and is used in the case of infection of the eye.

It also helps to increase the length of the eyelashes, so that it contains a number of properties, which affect the skin, which helps in the activation of hair follicles, thus germination and stabilization, as well as in the treatment of cases of dermatitis, and a number of cases of non-genetic baldness. Preventing the eye from any danger from the ocean, which may be exposed to it from the external environment.

It also helps protect the eyes from the incidence of double vision when reaching the age of aging. Treatment of cases of excessive tears, and helps in controlling it, and coagulation of the eye by blinding, by mixing kohl with sugar and pearls, and treatment of internal bleeding of the eye, and treatment of wounds.