Benefits of Ginger

It contains hundreds of active ingredients, such as shoghol and gingrol, and helps digestion. Ginger compounds are known to relieve gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate salivation, bile extract and relieve stomach cramps. Helps prevent colon cancer and constipation.

It is also useful for nausea, where chewing raw ginger, drinking ginger tea, home recipes used to relieve nausea during the treatment of cancer, and reduces the intake of ginger from nausea caused by dizziness, but it does not prevent vomiting, in addition to safe to use during pregnancy To relieve nausea.

Glucose tea helps maintain body temperature during cold weather days by stimulating sweating and pain relief. A study at the University of Georgia found that taking daily dietary ginger supplements contributes to pain relief, Exercising by 25%, also reduces the symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women.

Plus it helps lower cholesterol from the potential benefits of ginger, in addition to reducing the risk of blood clotting, and maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Fighting the infection: Ginger has inherent antimicrobial properties, so it can be useful in fighting infection.