Benefits of green radish

 The benefits of radish green helps to combat sinus problems and cough, improves respiratory function, and is useful for the elimination of chest diseases, especially Asthma, and helps to burn the accumulated fat in the body, especially those clustered in the buttocks. Helps soften stomach and intestines, improves gastrointestinal function, and protects against constipation.

Plus it helps to strengthen skin, hair and nails, maintains skin moisture, and removes marks of rashes. It helps to protect blood cells in the body, enhances sexual ability, and is considered one of the strongest natural antibacterial bites, including wasps, bees and others, by placing radish juice of various kinds in place of sting.

In addition, it reduces the likelihood of gallstones and reduces the possibility of tooth decay and inflammation, by reducing the secretion of essociacyatase, which stops the work of enzymes in the mouth, and is used as a tasty appetizer for food, and helps to open the appetite.