Benefits of healthy radishes for the body

One of the most important benefits of radish is that radish is useful in the cases of liver and gallbladder problems, in the homeopathy system or in the medicine of homogenization. Radish is used to treat headaches, insomnia and chronic diarrhea. Radish is also used as an alternative medicine in many health conditions such as cancer, , And many other immune disorders and other conditions.

In addition, it contains many phenolic compounds and contains high amounts of catechins. It also helps to outweigh the content of other vegetables of the same family, and the convergence of green tea and black tea. It is also higher in ferric acid content. Of other cruciferous family vegetables, so it has anti-oxidant and destructive properties of free radicals.

In addition, it gives the radish consumption of dietary fiber as shown in the table above, which gives many benefits of health, as the increase in dietary fiber intake in the diet contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and prevention of high, and also contribute to the sense of satiety that contributes to control of weight, Maintain the health of the digestive system, and reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and other chronic diseases.

 Radish is also an appropriate diet in weight loss diets, due to its low calorie content as shown in the above table. In addition, it is a good source of many vitamins and minerals that can be obtained without eating a large number of calories. Fever, cold, cough, certain gastrointestinal disorders caused by bile duct problems, and some cases of respiratory infections, such as inflammation of the esophagus, Pat aerobic, but you need all of these roles more scientific research to evaluate.