Benefits of Sesame Bone

 The most important benefits of sesame, which are very useful, benefit from the fact that it contains calcium, where there is 99% of calcium in the human body in the bones and teeth, and sesame contains calcium contributes to provide people with their daily needs from it, and thus may help to prevent Thinning and osteoporosis, may also help prevent, treat rickets in children.

It also contains phosphorus, where the results of recent studies show that the body needs phosphorus to the side of calcium; to be able to build strong bones and tissues, and that calcium can not complete the task alone, and therefore prefer the study of those studies take supplements containing calcium and phosphorus Together, sesame is a rich source of phosphorus. A quarter cup of sesame contains 226 mg of phosphorus, which supplies the individual with 32% of his daily phosphorus needs.

In addition, copper contains a quarter cup of sesame. It contains 1.47 mg of copper, covering the daily needs of the individual. Copper plays an important role in the activity of the collagen, elastin, structure, elasticity, bone strength and joints.

Zinc, which is an important mineral for bone health, contributes to bone density and may help prevent osteoporosis that may affect women after menopause. A quarter cup of sesame provides the body with 2.79 mg of zinc, % Of the daily per capita needs of zinc.

In addition to magnesium, where one tablespoon of sesame seed provides 32 mg of magnesium, according to the report of the World Health Organization, eating the amounts of magnesium recommended in the daily diet helps maintain healthy bones, as magnesium enters the formation of bones, and contributes to the density, The results of many studies have shown that bone density is positively affected by magnesium intake and has a role in influencing vitamin D concentrations and thyroid gland hormones.