Health Dandelion Benefits

There are many benefits to the dandelion, which are considered to be appetizing because they contain gilcoside, anemia, anemia, and gout and skin diseases. Protects kidneys from toxins and dissolves accumulated stones, fights liver enlargement and cirrhosis, and also treats eczema of the skin. Disinfectant and sterile for wounds, as they were used in world wars as medicine and food.

It also helps to resolve constipation, dyspepsia, and urinary infections, as it is diuretic because it contains various yeasts. Treat rheumatism and arthritis, also relieve excess weight and fight obesity, and put compresses on the eye to remove inflammation.

 It interferes with the treatment of diabetes and is considered to be an anti-inflammatory plant, activates the gallbladder to excrete the yellow substance, and prevents the formation of gravel inside. The Chinese used it to treat bronchial and respiratory diseases. Resistant to cancer, and anti-oxidant.

And help to eliminate the problems that affect the liver and stimulates the gallbladder to excrete the yellow substance, and used as a laxative, and other studies reported that its roots rid the kidneys of toxic substances accumulated through the administration of urine, and other studies proved the effectiveness of this plant in reducing the rate of sugar in the blood, Respiratory diseases, specifically bronchitis.