Tips for attractive nails

One of the most important tips to make your nails attractive is to keep the nails dry and clean. Wet and wet nails can be infected with fungus, so you should dry your nails, as well as keep them clean, so that dirt does not accumulate in their cavities, wash your hands regularly before eating, Hand dirty, and then dried well, as the use of nail brush is preferred to clean them, get rid of dirt.

It is preferable to rest a period of nail polish. Nails should be given a break from nail polish every now and then; it causes fatigue, dryness, stains, weakness, and high quality nail polish, free of sulfonamide, formaldehyde and toluene.

In addition to the nails need to moisturize nails need to moisturize completely, so the moisturizer must be applied to it, because it feeds, prevents fungi, and prevents them from dehydration, cracking and eating Biotin is recommended to follow a diet rich in vitamin B or Consult your doctor about taking biotin, a vitamin B supplement, and one of the best solutions for weak and fragile nails, which can restore the health of your nails within eight months.

Nail biting is usually done by some when feeling stressed, bored or frustrated. This habit should be stopped because it causes ulceration and scaling of the skin surrounding the nail. This causes diseases and does not cut the surrounding skin. Its function is to protect the body from infection. It should not be cut, just push it down, using the orange stick, and massage it with moisture to maintain its strength.