What causes yellowing nails

The causes of nail yellowing are the presence of health problems. Nail yellowing indicates the presence of health problems in the body, such as lung diseases, liver diseases, kidney disease, diabetes, malnutrition or skin diseases such as eczema. The body has a lot of nutrients necessary to maintain the safety of nails, such as zinc and iron, where it requires medical tests to make sure there are no health problems cause this problem, and try to treat them immediately.

In addition to the fungal infection, fungal infections can change the color of the nails to brown or yellow, and there is a foul odor from the nails, because there are fungi between the flesh of the finger and nail, so consult your doctor and take antifungal, or use appropriate local treatment.

In addition to smoking, smoking causes the body to supply a large amount of nicotine, which affects the health of the body in general, leading to yellowing of the teeth, and nails also, which requires quitting smoking. The use of nail polish often leads to excessive nail polish and misuse of nail polish, without using transparent paint to protect it from oxygen. Nail oxygen is necessary to maintain the natural color of nails. The good of it.