Amazing health benefits for pear

One of the most important benefits of pear is that it gives a refreshing sensation through rich fiber juice delicious especially for children, and contains a high proportion of fiber and antioxidants, which resist many health problems and immune strength, and helps fight fighting free particles, because of the presence of vitamin C , K and copper fights particles that destroy the cells of our bodies.

It also helps to prevent heart disease, due to the presence of fibers that reduce the level of cholesterol and protect against heart disease, and as a result of the daily consumption of fiber-rich foods reduce the rate of heart attack by 50%, and helps to prevent cancer, Cancer cells and then keep them away from the body and prevent colon cancer, and the fruit of guava every day prevent breast cancer by 34% after menopause.

It also helps to control the level of sugar in the blood, despite its sweet taste due to the low glycerol ratio and high fiber ratio helps control the level of sugar in the blood and prevent diabetes, and it helps to strengthen the immune system, because of the high level of antioxidants and vitamin C and copper strengthens Immune system against diseases.

In addition, it helps to prevent osteoporosis. Pear helps absorb the calcium consumed daily. It contains high levels of glucose. It provides energy when you feel stressed. It is quickly absorbed and converted to energy. Medium sized pear contains 25% of the body's needs. Of insoluble fibers.