Benefits of Goji Health

One of the most important benefits of goji berries is that it helps to strengthen the immune system because it contains vitamins, and helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, and helps to reduce the incidence of influenza, and tests conducted in laboratories on older mice, Eating Goji berries enhances the effectiveness of influenza vaccines, especially since the influenza vaccine alone does not provide complete protection against the influenza virus. The study also noted that guava berries prevent infection of the elderly by infection and inflammation following their taking to the flu, but certainly not enough to eat Goji Protection from influenza, since the vaccine must be taken every year.

It also has a role in helping to lose weight. The Goji berries contain a range of nutrients that give the body energy in a healthy way. It also contains a high amount of fiber. This helps maintain body weight. Eating a snack prevents excessive In eating, especially as it is low in calories and sugars, as 28 grams of it contains only 23 calories.

It also helps to maintain the health of the eyes and skin, which contains high amounts of powerful antioxidants important for the health of eyes and skin, the most important material of Xaxanthin, which gives the color distinctive and also exist in addition to berries in red pepper and saffron, is known that antioxidants protect And studies indicate that foods containing a high percentage of antioxidants also contain a high proportion of dietary fiber and healthy fats, and found a study on the intake of older people to supplement food in addition to To goji berries for 90 days that the probability of developing macular degeneration has decreased.

It also has a role in the maintenance of sugar helps eat berries Goji to reduce blood sugar, and reduce the resistance of cells to insulin, and raise the efficiency of insulin-producing cells and improve their ability to produce, and improve sexual ability is associated with eating Goji berries increase testosterone and increase sexual ability Fertility, where one study showed that mice improved their fertility significantly, increasing the number of sperm and improving their movement.