Benefits of the nucleus of love of kings

One of the most important benefits of the nucleus of the love of kings, it helps to strengthen the immune system's ability to combat various types of diseases, and helps fight the disease of the symptoms of premature aging, such as the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines of skin; because it contains vitamin C and flavonoids, Multiple. Pregnant women especially benefit in the early months of pregnancy, strengthen bones, treat arthritis, and help prevent osteoporosis and rheumatism.

It also helps to get rid of convulsions, and is considered to be a phlegm, and lowers high blood pressure; the presence of potassium and the crystals in them, and stimulate the role of the digestive system to do its functions, and facilitate the digestion process by enhancing digestion yellow yellow and eliminate constipation rich in dietary fiber. Strengthens the nervous system, strengthens brain function, and limits Alzheimer's disease, fear, anxiety and depression for the presence of anthocyanin.

In addition, it helps to strengthen the eyes, protect them from macular degeneration, dry eye balm, in addition to its role in the regulation of eye pressure, and protect against various types of cancers such as pancreatic cancer. It fights infections, mainly viral, fungal, and bacterial infections; colds, coughs, flu, fever, and urinary tract infections.

And helps to get rid of insomnia and help to sleep; the presence of melatonin in which contribute to the fight against sleep disorders as a natural hormone. Get rid of toxins. Regulate blood sugar. Reduce excess weight, because it contains a few calories, and rich in antioxidants, gives the body the feeling of fullness and fullness of the stomach, and thus reduce the amount of food intake.

As well as the benefit of the skin, and gain freshness, vitality, and lightening, and reduce the emergence of dark spots concentrated by putting a little water of love of the required location on a daily basis to obtain the desired results, and also treats acne because there are a number of active substances that can eliminate Bacteria and viruses cause it, and heals from burns by applying some of the mashed kernels to the place of injury.