Benefits of soy capsules

One of the most important benefits of capsules is that it helps to reduce the hot flashes associated with menopause, which occur in conjunction with the interruption of menstrual cycle at this age, and it reduces the chance of osteoporosis, especially in women in menopause, in addition to the benefit of capsules Soy is observed in the increase of bone mass. D

In addition, it reduces the chances of breast cancer, and fights and reduces the growth of cancer cells. Reduces the duration of drought for infants, provides nutrition for infants who can not digest milk sugar, and reduces the proportion of protein in the urine, especially for those with kidney problems.

In addition, it treats diabetes, reduces the incidence of neurological diseases in diabetics, and addresses its problems. Infants who can not digest lactose are treated with digestive problems and reduce the harmful cholesterol that may be present in the body by a small amount. Treats and reduces the chances of developing depression, and alleviates the symptoms of vaginal dryness in postmenopausal females, and it increases the size of breast better than the cosmetic operations used by some women.