Damage to frequent drinking coffee

One of the most harmful effects caused by excessive coffee, it causes increased fatigue and stress, because it contains coffee high percentage of caffeine, and it is addicted to this drink, which makes them feel emotional fatigue and confusion in the event of not drinking them. Increase the feeling of insomnia when drinking in the evening, and irregular sleep, which causes exhaustion and exhaustion of the body.

In addition, drinking coffee is very harmful to the pregnant woman, and the effect is also transmitted to the fetus. Studies have confirmed that pregnant women who drink a large amount of coffee are likely to have physically weak children, so it is best to avoid coffee during pregnancy, The pressure patients should avoid taking it.

It also contributes to an increase in the level of cholesterol, blood fat, and stomach upset; drinking coffee causes dehydration, which causes the stomach to produce some acids that may irritate or inflammation and can lead to infection of the digestive ulcer, and also leads to the possibility of diseases Heart, when you drink a lot of coffee, where the body feels a strong and unusually fast palpitations due to an increase in the levels of the adrenalin nervous system in the body, leading to a heart rhythm disorder.