Health and therapeutic benefits of the circuit

The most important benefits of the ring, it helps the circuit to activate the digestive system and cleanse the body of harmful bacteria, the arena works to reduce fermentation in the digestive system gives the body vitality and energy, and also helps to relieve cough and asthma and helps to get rid of strong sputum viscous from Chest helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

It is also useful for the skin, when you put lotion of the boiled ring on the skin gives the skin freshness and vitality and pink color attractive, and useful in the days of menstruation (menstrual cycle) is considered stimulant for the menstruation, and if the ring in the water takes water and wash the hair is useful in feeding And prevent the drop and rid of lice, bees and head insects.

 In addition, it is described as a ring for lactating women immediately after birth to visit breast milk and can drink with milk, and help the ring to gain weight. It is very useful for those suffering from anemia, thinness, constipation and diarrhea, the ring is very useful for pregnant women in recent months only.

The ring can be used to treat burns by mixing powder from the seeds of the ring with rose oil and burn it until it heals. It helps to treat skin cracking and improve skin color by using it twice daily. The ring treats rheumatism and muscle pain by crushing the seeds and kneading them with some Garlic cloves with garlic garlic and painted by infected areas.