Natural recipes to prevent hair growth

There are no natural recipes to prevent the growth of hair permanently, but there are other recipes that help effectively control the growth of weekly, or monthly, and some of them mentioned, the recipe with sugar and lemon juice used sugar, where hot sugar has the ability to stick to hair Without skin adhesion, so it effectively removes hair when it dries, nor does it cause pain as does wax, noting that sugar should not be heated significantly, unlike wax that needs high temperatures to heat well. It has the ability to lighten the skin or whiten the remaining hair On them.

Second: the recipe of honey with lemon, is similar to this recipe wax process known but different from that they are made of natural ingredients, which are of course much better than chemical ingredients. To explain the preparation of this recipe, mix sugar with honey and lemon juice, heat the mixture for 3 minutes until the formation of wax paste, and add water to make the dough a little thin with care to keep it smooth, and then leave the dough until cool and then put starch or flour On the area of ​​the presence of unwanted hair, and then paste the paste on the region towards the growth of hair and hair removal contrary to the direction of growth using a wax bar or a piece of cloth. Repeat this recipe two to three times each week.

Third: Mint Synaptic; It has the ability to reduce the level of hormones androgen in the body, and increase the level of female hormones, and reduce weight; as the increase in body fat affects the secretion of hormones in the body, which leads to increased hair growth. Red meat is reduced and replaced with soy. Red meat increases the level of androgen hormones in the body, leading to increased hair growth. Soy increases the level of estrogen, which reduces hair growth.