Soft drinks for the abdomen and waist

You are the best natural drink for slimming the abdomen and waist, including vegetable juice, which is very useful for health, and is used in dietary diets, and vegetable juice is very effective in burning calories accumulated in the abdomen and waist.

Medium-sized fruits of apples, beetroot, medium-sized carrots, half a pill of cucumber, a small cup of chopped green dandelion (can be replaced with spinach), a large spoon of fresh ginger, a fruit of orange peel, , Squeeze the ingredients through the juice of the vegetables. This mixture is consumed three times a day, and the benefits of vegetable juice, it is the content of vegetables Calorie low, while it is abundant in comparison with vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients to the body.

In addition to watermelon juice, it melts watermelon body, it contains a few calories, and a lot of water. Moreover, watermelon contains arginine, an amino acid that increases muscle mass, and at the same time reduces body fat, ingredients, medium grain Of watermelon, a large spoon of natural honey, a glass of ice, half a cup of water.

And the method of preparation, cut the melon, remove the seeds from it, and then grinding the pieces of watermelon in the mixer. The other ingredients are added to the juice. Melon helps remove fat and fat from the abdominal and waist regions, as well as in weight loss. It is not just water but contains many useful elements such as potassium, vitamin C and carotene, and little calcium, magnesium and iron. In every hundred grams of watermelon thirty calories.