What are the benefits of celery roots

 Of the most important benefits that they contain celery root it helps prevent, the incidence of arthritis diseases such as rheumatism; where it is considered rich in anti-inflammatory substances, Wen intervention in the treatment of gout, which relieve symptoms and pain, as it generates urine and reduce urinary tract infections, It helps to eliminate urinaic acid responsible for infection.

It also helps to increase kidney efficiency, and its ability to get rid of gallstones, and toxins in the body, and strengthens the immune system and protect against infection with many bacterial and viral diseases, they are rich in vitamin C is responsible for strengthening the body's immunity, and works to protect the liver and strengthen. Protect against frequent colds, because they contain vitamins that strengthen the body. Contribute to the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough.

It also helps prevent cancer, it fights free radicals responsible for are cancerous tumors, it also contains a compound inhibits the action of prostaglandin hormone that stimulates the growth of cancer cells in the body, and maintain the integrity of the heart, health, and protect blood vessels. It relieves headaches and pains, it is rich in coumarin, which is responsible for reducing the severity of the headache and pain.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the nervous system, and relieving the feeling of insomnia and tiredness, it is rich in magnesium responsible for increasing the feeling of rest and relaxation. It is rich in fibers that increase the movement of the intestines and litter, which helps to get rid of them. It increases the sexual desire of men and women. It contains the hormone Andristeron, which increases the desire of women to have sex with men, and also stimulates the production of hormone testosterone, which is responsible for strengthening the erection of men.