Benefits of Black Cumin

One of the most important benefits of black cumin is that it contains a very high percentage of iron, which makes it the best treatment for various blood problems, including anemia or as scientifically called anemia, as it helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and also stimulates From transferring oxygen to all cells of the body, and it is considered very useful for pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum, where it improves the production of breast milk, which positively affects the health of the baby and prolong the period of breastfeeding.

It helps to improve mood, reduces anxiety and tension, promotes sleep comfortably, eliminates feelings of insomnia and sleep disorders, and helps to strengthen mental and brain functions, especially the ability to recall information and memory strength, prevent forgetfulness, and increase understanding and comprehension Analysis and others.

It also improves gastrointestinal action, relieves indigestion, constipation, various puffiness, feelings of nausea and vomiting, and stimulates the production of pancreatic enzymes. It protects against various respiratory diseases, including shortness of breath, colds, colds, coughs, fever and various throat infections. It also strengthens kidney health and is considered one of the best treatments used to treat renal colic.

It also helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, thanks to its natural composition and antioxidant properties, which prevents it to resist the roots and cracks free causing many of the most serious diseases, especially cancer tumors of various types.