Benefits of dry beans

One of the benefits of dry beans is that dry beans contain a very high percentage of iron, which makes it the basis for the elimination of various blood problems, especially weakness or lack of blood, which is called anemia, and it helps to extend the body in huge amounts of energy and vitality , Making it able to perform the activities and tasks required of life.

In addition, the beans are very useful to help growth, as it contains a high percentage of human growth hormone, and contains a high proportion of essential vitamins, which the body needs in certain amounts and specific daily to ensure health and strength and growth, led by both vitamin A and vitamin K.

In addition, it contains chemical compounds and antioxidant elements, which prevents it from resisting the free cracks that cause deadly cancer cells, especially oral tumors, and contains a high percentage of fiber, which makes it very useful to get rid of the problem of obesity or excessive and excessive In weight, as well as is very useful for lowering blood sugar, and is also useful for the health of the digestive system, where the body saves the toxins accumulated in it, and saves him from the problem of constipation, and is considered to be very useful for the health of the body in this area specifically.

It is also one of the best natural diuretics of urine. It also helps greatly to strengthen the body's immune system. It fights the viral and bacterial infections of the body. It greatly increases the number of red blood cells or cells in the body, making it healthy for bones and muscles on the face. Selection and overall health of the body, in addition to it is very useful for the aesthetic appearance of the skin and skin, thanks to its structure helps to get rid of stains, especially costs and freckles.