Benefits of frankincense incense

One of the most important benefits of frankincense incense is that it helps to give the home an aromatic smell, nourishes the body and eliminates unpleasant odors such as odors resulting from cooking, water cycles, and moisture. It also helps to treat some mental and neurological diseases such as depression, Fine relax the nerves and give them calm and tranquility.

In addition, it prevents the growth of cancer cells, it contains volatile substances when inhaled and enter the body limit the abnormal divisions in the cells of the body, which leads to reduce the risk of cancer tumors, especially lung cancer, mouth, breast, brain and stomach, Japanese restaurant in 2009.

In addition to helping to strengthen the immune system, inhaling smoke and entering the body increases the production of white blood cells capable of resisting microbes and bacteria, and treatment of chronic diseases caused by microbes and dust such as cough and cold, or caused by genetic factors such as asthma and allergies, Contrary to other types of incense that increase respiratory problems.

In addition, it is considered a good natural solution to kill annoying insects and harmful to humans such as mosquitoes and flies. Kill virus and bacteria spread in infected areas by burning it to get rid of viruses that cause plague.