Benefits of green tea drink and ginger

One of the most important benefits of green tea, ginger and cinnamon, as it contains green tea and ginger on many nutrients, vitamins important for the health of the body functions, it also fights bleeding of the gums, toothache and decay, and eliminates the harmful bacteria that cause odor Bad mouth.

It also helps protect against osteoporosis, strengthens the muscles in general, and treats other types of cancers; because of its content of antioxidants, prostatic cancers, and intestines. Helps to burn fat; because of its ability to speed up metabolism in the body, antioxidants enhance the functions of the liver, and make them more effective, which contributes to the increase rates of burning throughout the day, and this leads to a loss of weight, confirmed recent medical studies conducted on the group Of people who suffer from obesity, drinking three times a day of green tea contributes to the burning of two hundred additional calories of the total energy acquired by the body during the day, which means a natural reduction in weight by half a kilogram per week if it is committed to eat continuously.

In addition, it reduces the level of sugar in the body, by regulating blood glucose storage levels, which usually stores excess fat, and helps to protect the heart from sudden clots, because of its ability to prevent accumulation, oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries, Helps lower blood pressure, and keeps its proportion within normal rates throughout the day.

It also helps to prevent food poisoning due to the presence of antioxidants that kill bacteria with bacterial food poisoning, eliminate the harmful bacteria that live in the intestines, cause many disorders, intestinal cramps leading to colic, and maintain the presence of beneficial bacteria. Helps to regulate bowel function and soften movement, and protects against constipation.

Increases immune system efficiency. Eliminates gastrointestinal disorders and bloating. Increases urine secretion, thus reducing the level of pressure in the body. It is a good sedative for the nerves, as well as its ability to increase concentration and strengthen memory. Treat menstrual pain, being rotten blood trapped in the womb.