Benefits of inhaling sea air

The most important benefits of the sea air when inhaled it helps to increase blood pumping is inhalation of the sea air is an important factor of increasing blood pumping throughout the body, which increases the pumping of oxygen to the brain, and thus helps to increase the sense of vitality, activity and vigilance. Mood enhancement Research has shown that the sea air contains negative ions that increase the absorption of oxygen, and the balance of hormone serotonin, which relieves tension and nervousness, in addition to the effect of the air of the sea helps to secrete the substance Indorphin, which gives a sense of comfort.

In addition to maintaining the health of the skin, where the sea air rich in salts, which helps in moisturizing the skin and softness and treatment of skin infections, and the sea water contains algae, which contain healthy minerals useful for the skin and used in the manufacture of cosmetics, To reduce inflammation, increase skin nutrition and speed of wound healing in addition to stimulating blood circulation.

It also maintains the health of the respiratory system. The sea air has a positive effect on the health of the respiratory system. This is why the chest diseases were constructed near the shores of the sea. The sea air has the benefit of cleaning the lungs, air sacs and lung infections. Helps absorb 7% of sodium chloride, which contributes to reducing the intake of antibiotics.

It also helps to rejuvenate. Inhalation of the sea air contributes to the renewal of activity which improves the public health, low fatigue and exhaustion, provides the body with the necessary energy to carry out vital activities, and helps to rest during sleep. Lowering blood pressure Inhalation of the sea air helps patients with high blood pressure to calm their nerves and improve their mood, which reduces emotions and thus reduces blood pressure.