Benefits of parsley and celery

One of the most important benefits of parsley and celery is that it helps maintain cardiovascular health from clots, atherosclerosis. Cholesterol lowering. Helps prevent hair loss, helps rid the kidneys of gravel, expel toxins from them, help cleanse them, helps improve digestion as they help digest proteins, and fat, thereby helping to cleanse the colon of waste.

It also helps to regulate menstrual periods, promote the menstrual cycle on time, help to rebalance the hormones of the body of women, and works to reduce blood sugar, so parsley is useful for diabetics, and prevention of cancer because it contains an organic compound prevents the growth of tumors Especially lung tumors.

Helps to clean and clean the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and balance the pH in the body. Activate the body and supply it with energy. In addition, the phenolic acids found in celery inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce constipation, and help relax muscles to facilitate the release of waste from the body. Urine.