Learn about the benefits of legume seeds

One of the best benefits of the seeds of menhood is that it helps drink boiling boiled seeds or kidney disorders. The seeds of manhood are diuretic and treat the bladder problems. It also works on blood flow and blood flow in the arteries. It helps to cleanse and sterilize the intestines and stomach. Diarrhea is also treated by boiling boiled seeds by boiling in boiling water for a quarter of an hour and then liquidating and drinking.

Plus it helps reduce the feeling of thirst, as it helps stop blood bleeding in women in menstruation. Helps in slimming and detoxification and accumulated fat in the body, in addition to it is considered as anti-inflammatory and fungal as well as bacteria in the body.

In addition, the seeds of legume help to dissolve the accumulated fat in the arteries, which treat atherosclerosis, and treat the seeds of men and warts, and uprooted from the roots by the titration of the seeds of virgins, and treat the manhood burns if the wound is dressing where the cooked or raw .

It also helps to lose weight, from halal crushing the seeds of manhood to become smooth and take a teaspoon before lunch at about thirty to forty-five minutes and another small spoon before dinner and be in a way with drinking water after, and can be mixed with a teaspoon of fennel , And a small spoon of marjoram, and the same quantity of mangel seeds, and kelp (all these plants are available in the Attarin), and mix well, and put in a bowl, and then take them a teaspoon of lunch before a third hour, And then drink water, which helps in slimming and stimulating the Aur full.