The benefits of gargling with olive oil on the saliva

One of the most important benefits of olive oil and creams in the morning on the stomach, it helps to cure acute tooth inflammation, and contribute gargle oil olive to get rid of blackness of the gums, in addition to it helps to get rid of blackness, especially in smokers.

In addition, it helps to eliminate the pain of chronic headaches of both migraine and sister, and contributes to increase the ability to sleep, so it benefits the people who suffer from lack of sleep and insomnia, and strengthens the weak teeth in the mouth and helps to stimulate the circulation of oral tissues, Helping to improve gingival nutrition.

It also accelerates the process of healing wounds, and the treatment of inflammation, in addition to bleeding gums, and eliminate the fungus that causes bad breath, and is a simple and effective treatment for the problem of dry cough, and gurgling enough oil every day to get rid of cough, Olive oil to remove harmful bacteria and toxins from the body, thus fighting tension, and improve the energy levels of the person who persists.

It also eliminates the problem of phlegm, contributes to the treatment of migraines, and cures bronchitis in both inflamed and inflamed teeth. Reduce the risk of blood clots, chronic blood diseases such as leukemia, and contribute to the treatment of arthritis and subsequent physical paralysis. Helps to treat hormonal disorders of women.