The benefits of herb

One of the most important benefits contained in the herb is that it can be used for pickling, where the fruits of ripe grapes are collected and washed well and then placed in a glass container. Add water to it by 1 tablespoon salt per cup of water until the fruit is over. Close the bowl and leave for two weeks. It is used to add delicious flavor to the food. As a kind of spice.

Cannabis flowers are also considered to be long-lasting, so the beekeepers use this herb as a nuisance to absorb the nectar of flowers and produce honey. The leaves can be used to treat the disc and the cartilage. Take the roots or leaves and cut and then grind or finely separate. The mixer can be used. After that, a little water is added and placed on the disc in the form of cooks for no more than 45 minutes or Less depending on the patient's ability to withstand the temperature, and it is advisable to take medication analgesic before putting the fumes, and remove it because it is hot on the skin and must be removed after moisturizing the skin with cold water.

The roots of the caresses are also used for the teeth, so that the root is placed on the tooth or tooth to ease the pain and soften the wrench, and chew the leaves to relieve the pain. The seeds are eaten with pickles or with honey. They are diuretic, help to reduce menstrual blood, increase the number of sperm, and drive out worms, but prevent pregnant women and children from using herb As well as those who suffer from heart disease or diabetes.