The importance of fennel drink for the body

There are many health benefits to the human body, including the benefits of helping to treat dysmenorrhea, where many women suffer from severe pain associated with the menstrual cycle, or so called dysmenorrhea and usually resorted to drugs as an anti-steroidal pain relief, In 2012 that fennel can help cure dysmenorrhea, where researchers believe that this plant contributes to the reduction of uterine spasms, which is the cause of pain that affects women during the menstrual cycle.

In addition, it helps to contribute to the treatment of colic, where the fennel has anti-abdominal properties, so some people believe that the fennel drink can contribute to the treatment of colic affecting infants, and contribute to the regulation of blood sugar level, and found a study in Bangladesh on Mice The fennel seed extract when taken in certain quantities can help reduce the level of glucose in the blood at a certain rate, in a similar way to the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

It also helps in moisturizing the body, where drinking sufficient quantities of fluids is important for health, and drink fennel is suitable to maintain the moisture of the body because of its distinctive taste, and free of caffeine. Contribution to pain relief: Some studies have found that fennel extract can help relieve pain at a level close to the effect of aspirin.

It also helps to contribute to the treatment of infections, where the fennel has antimicrobial properties and viruses. Several previous studies have indicated that the fennel can be consumed if the person feels that he will get cold, as this helps the body to resist pathogens that can attack immune system.

It also helps to sleep, where drinking fennel helps relax the muscles of the body, making the body ready to sleep, has been used fennel since ancient times to treat insomnia. Helping to increase milk production: Since the fennel has been used since ancient times as a source of milk for breast milk to increase the quality and quantity of milk, and there is some medical evidence to confirm this, but some believe that there is insufficient evidence to prove this benefit.

It also helps in digestion. Warm water in fennel can help improve digestion. Fennel also helps digestion problems, so it is good to drink fennel when feeling stomach upset, diarrhea, or bloating.

And contributes to the elimination of bad breath, where the fennel contains anti-bacterial properties, and helps to get rid of the causes of the disease causing bad breath, so it is possible to drink a cup of fennel when waking up or before sleep to remedy this problem. Treatment of constipation, where fennel helps relax the muscles of the digestive system, and thus improve the movement of the bowel, and can help to purify the body and rid of toxins