What are the symptoms of sunburn?

One of the most important symptoms of the sun stroke, when the body loses the ability to maintain the natural temperature and the temperature of the body is very high, this is known as the sun stroke. These symptoms, as well as the symptoms of high body temperature, and the rise in body temperature is the main symptom of sunburn.

As well as some mental changes. These changes include cramping and seizures (especially in children), delirium, blurred speech, irritability and coma, as well as changes in sweat. When exposed to sun damage due to exposure to the sun for a long time, High temperature.

In addition, people suffering from sunburn suffer from nausea and vomiting. The person suffers from severe headaches when exposed to sunstroke, as well as discoloration. The color of the skin may turn red, as the body temperature rises very high.

In addition, the breathing becomes faster and deeper, and the heart rate: As the body tries to cool down, this puts the heart under increasing pressure, leading to a higher heart rate.